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Creating your brand new home theater system setup for your home can be an exciting project. You have probably done a lot of research to find and purchase the perfect dream television for your home and you may have invested in upgrading your home video disk playing device as well as gaming systems. But one thing is lacking: the min blowing sound that comes with surround sound speakers.

Now that you have decided to add the finishing touch surround sound speakers to your home theater system, there are a few things you need to consider before running out to the store and purchasing what looks like the most affordable system and best system but may not be.

Choosing the best home theater speakers can be quite the task. Many manufacturers boast theirs is the best product but as with any purchase some speakers are a higher quality than others, some cost more than others, but most expensive doesn t always mean the best, and the least expensive doesn t mean good quality.

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Before you purchase, it would be a good idea to do a little internet research. Visit the websites of different stores that you would shop at and do a little price comparison. Read reviews of consumers who have purchased the product you are considering, and see what the general consensus is for that item. Remember that one negative review shouldn t cancel out twenty positive reviews. Instead, look for consistency. A product may consistently be rated with three of five stars only because the connecting wires weren t long enough for certain set-ups but could work for you. You may see a trend that the sound is fuzzy or tinny with a certain brand. Better to do some research than to take the time to purchase and buy only to find a major issue too late when the product can no longer be returned to the store or you can return it but take a loss for a restocking fee.

Make sure you know what sort of ports and plugs are available on your television. An HDTV will have HDMI ports to plug in your speakers. Make sure there is an available port that you can use for your speakers. If you do not have an available port because you have other devices plugged in, you can purchase an HDMI receiver. This receiver will streamline your devices: simply unplug other media devices (game consoles, dvd player etc) and plug them into a compatible HDMI receiver. Now you can also plug in your speaker system into the receiver and plug only the receiver into your television.

Take with you a list of devices to the store so you can make sure each one is compatible with the HDMI receiver. You also need to make sure you have enough connectors or cables before leaving the store. Make sure you keep your receipt and inquire about return or exchange policies.

Before installing your speakers, make sure you place each one in the suggested area without being blocked by furniture or plants to give optimal sound distribution. Now, pop in your favorite movie, turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy!

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