By Criss White

Fall and autumn are exciting times for everyone. The season reminds us of renewal and what better way to renew one’s self than by having a creative outlet that will give you the freedom to be yourself and at the same time, bond with your child. Staying indoors, you can have crafting activities where in the end you get special mementos and while doing it, you get to create special memories.

Here are some craft ideas that you can enjoy with your kids. Remember that in any craft activity, safety should be the topmost priority and be careful as you handle scissors and other sharp objects.

– Get ordinary door hangers and ask the kids out to help. Using crayons, tell them that this is their chance to help but have fun at the same time. They can color the door hangers with fall colors and use their creativity to draw images. This is a fun practical price that your guests will truly notice.

– Give your dining room a fall season appeal by using fall decorated placemats and coasters. Use fall leaves or the subdued colors of fall and even before the meals are served, expect these items to be the topic of conversation between your guests.

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– Straw hats can make for an interactive pastime. Have them create scarecrows and they can explore whatever design or ‘personality’ they want the scarecrow to have. Afterwards, give each child the chance to boast about his creation as the other kids watch and listen.

– As an alternative to place cards, get small baskets and decorate them with designs of fall leaves. You can use fall colors to pick the items that will go into these baskets as well. These gift baskets can be a fun surprise present for a friend or a relative.

– During Halloween, do not let them miss out on the fun of pumpkin decorating. You can have a theme, whether it is a sporty or a scary pumpkin. Afterward, you can either have a contest, or have the children compile a story from the pumpkins they have created.

– Using colored tissue paper and cardboard, have your child explore fall landscapes and ask him to recreate a fall leaves backdrop scene. This can be a fun project to decorate your child’s room as well. Your child will surely be proud of their own accomplishment of using their creativity to decorate their own space.

– Useful items such as bookmarks are fun to make and at the same time, while you are using it in the days afterward, it will remind you of the fun fall crafting time you have shared together.

Of course, what is most important in creating crafts is not the outcome itself but what is more memorable is the quality time you have spent together. Make each craft activity an opportunity to bond and learn more about his creativity, his patience and determination.

What will be truly special in the end are the memories you have created during fall where you are able to express both your creative sides.

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