Case Study: Newwave Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast has inspired 2 smiles this just last year with the aid of Invisalign


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It\’s evident to us that this individuals crossbite needed procedures as it hampered the beauty of her smile also as her jaw functionality when chewing as well as speaking. Her cure demanded going through Invisalign obvious aligner treatment with Newwave Orthodontics for 12 months. Invisalign procedures comprises of a series of 18 or maybe more clear braces which are fitted to your teeth and additionally created to induce gradual movement and improvement of twisted teeth enamel. In this instance in addition they worked to improve a crossbite, even though Invisalign can certainly be used to improve overbites and underbites which might hinder the performance of the jawbone.

The Invisalign treatment totally repaired her crossbite and also resulted in a substantial improvement in the protrusion of the 2 front tooth enamel which is comprehensively unnoticeable.

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Individual B:

Our 2nd individual must have been a 15 year old female who went to our office on the Sunshine Coast with mild protrusion in her ideal teeth enamel which affected her confidence and additionally self-confidence. She also suffered from gigantic spacing with absolute most of her upper tooth enamel.

As a way to enrich this spacing and her protrusion our trained dentist recommended Invisalign. This highly sought-after and also trustworthy procedures worked gradually over an 11 month period to close her gaps and also mend the protrusion which is comprehensively unobtrusive. She is so happy and additionally confident with the outcome that she has really entered Miss Planet!

Invisalign has been a cohesive and additionally versatile dental health treatment which may be used to aid a quantity of dental complications most notably uneven pearly whites, small to bigger gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites and also protruding teeth. The therapy happens to be practiced on over 2 million patients around the world and also it incorporates gradual stress and additionally strict commitment if you need to see superlative as well as enduring outcomes. In most cases Invisalign can be used rather than typical braces which are contemplated awful and additionally inconvenient by a lot of our clients because of her or his cumbersome supports as well as wires.

If you want to find out If Invisalign would work for your health, you are able to secure a consultation with Dr Peter Miles – our orthodontist at Newwave Orthodontics.

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