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Nationwide Mobility are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of best selling Walk in Baths,walk in showers/wetrooms and bath lifts in UK. Nationwide Mobility is one of the UK’s leading bathing solutions companies. With over 19 years experience, we truly believe our products are the best available. We understand that safety and ease of use are the most important features for our customers and we do our utmost to meet those needs.

Nationwide Mobility are pleased to offer you 4 different types of walk in baths all of which you can easily step into for a luxurious soak once again. Make bathing difficulties a thing of the past.

1.The Simplicity

The Simplicity walk in bath could provide the perfect solution to all of your bathing needs. With a cleverly designed door the Simplicity is easy to use and allows you to enjoy a full length soak or take a shower with ease. The Simplicity is also available with an optional state of the art power seat which can be easily removed to allow your family or guests to use the bath.

2.The Ultimate Shower Bath

The beautifully contoured Ultimate walk in shower bath is amazingly versatile with all the features, safety and ease of use of the Simplicity bath but with an elegantly designed extra roomy shower area. The Ultimate also comes with the option of the easily removable power seat.


The specially contoured walk in Aquabath offers noticeably more bathing area than other similar walk in baths allowing you to enjoy a deeper more satisfying bath. The easy access door and safe seating position make the Aquabath a popular choice.

4.Mini Marvel

The Mini Marvel has all of the features of bigger walk-in-baths but is cleverly designed to fit into the smallest of bathrooms. Just walk in, sit down and enjoy a safe and relaxing bathing experience.

Choosing a Bath Lift from Nationwide Mobility couldn’t be simpler, you can even try one in the comfort of your own home so you choose what is best for you.

1.Bathmate – The Inflatable Bath Lift

Do you struggle to get in and out of your existing bath but don’t want the upheaval and expense of replacing it. If so the Bathmate could be the answer for you. The bathmate simply fits inside your existing bath and at the press of a button lowers you safely to the bottom of the bath and back up again. A tried and trusted product and with over 40,000 sold in the UK the Bathmate is one of our most popular bath lifts.

2.Mermaid Bath Belt

The wall mounted Mermaid bathseat allows you to take an entirely effort free bath without the need for any major alterations to your bathroom. Just sit on the belt and the you will be gently lowered right to the bottom of the bath. After enjoying your bath just press the button and you will be lifted effortlessly up and out again. Fitted with the minimum of fuss, usually within an hour .

3.The Aquatec Orca Bath Lift

The Aquatec Orca is ergonomically designed to fit into your own bath without requiring any fixed installation. The Orca is particularly suited to customers who want a stable easy to use bath seat and features a reclining back to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The Orca is operated by an easy to use hand control.

Walk-in Showers & Walk-in Wet Rooms

Our range of best selling walk in showers and wet rooms are so easy to use, they fit in the same space as your old bath and can usually be fitted in just one day!*

1.Safe & Easy Luxury Wet Room Shower

The NEW Safe & Easy Wet Room is the very latest in modern shower design, hassle free and luxurious

2.The Walk-in, Sit-down Shower Module

This superb new shower module has everything you could possibly want already built-in, so fitting is quicker, cleaner, neater.

3.The Exquisite Shower

The Exquiste shower from Nationwide Mobility is stylish yet practical offering you the best of both worlds, no one would ever know you had bathing difficulties.

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