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During the winter golf season we often rush out and make sure we have bought the appropriate men s golf clothing, however, golf winter hats are vital to ensure comfort whilst outside on the golf course. Your head is one of the main aspects of your body that can affect your swing and the overall performance on the golf course. In this article, we will look at the features and benefits of golf winter hats.

The Perfect Fit Hat

The fitting of your winter golf hat is important when keeping your head insulated. The Galvin Green Doyle Insula golf hat beanie is tightly fitted with a waffle pattern fabric interior enables the hat to maintain built in air pockets designed to capture air which is warmed up by body heat to reinforce the optimum body temperature. How does this affect your round of golf? In simple terms by keeping your head warm the correct amount blood stays around your head allowing you to concentrate on your posture and positions for your swing and your overall performance.

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The Waterproof Hat

We have to admit in winter golf, in fact golf all year round in the UK, we have to prepare for rain. The Mizuno Waterproof bucket hat is ideal, creating shelter from the rain with its wide brim. Made out of the Mizuno ImpermaLite fabric, the hat is lightweight and breathable whilst being able to keep the wearer warm and dry all year round.

The Comfort Hat

Sometimes you need a hat that is soft, warm and comfortable; when playing golf you don t want to keep having to adjust your winter golf hat continuously to make it comfortable it is the equivalent of continuously adjusting your golf clothes such as pull up your golf trousers. Made using a fleece lining the Under Armour Men s Blustery Golf Beanie hat uses an ultra-brushed EVO ColdGear lining which is super soft and warm. This aids you to withstand the cold in comfort allowing you to enjoy the full 18 holes on the golf course.

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