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Approaching retirement can be a very exciting time in a man s life. While some men may find it exciting and are looking forward to days with no alarm clocks and morning meetings, there may be others who are unsure about what they will do with all the time they will have available.

Whatever the case may be with your retiring fellow, you can certainly help to make the transition more fun with a well thought out retirement gift.

Plan a Fun Out-of-town Trip

Sometimes a new retiree just wants to get away! Consider finding a fun trip for him to go on to celebrate his retirement. When brainstorming different destinations, consider what might interest him in other nearby cities. For instance, if there is a great golf course that he s been wanting to try, book him a hotel on the course and a few rounds of golf to get him there – he won t have any excuse not to go.

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Or is he interested in visiting a cool museum that he s never found the time to? Then consider booking a whole sight-seeing itinerary for him to enjoy! And an added bonus is that you can book the whole trip during the week, which usually means that flights and hotels will be much less expensive than if you were booking it all over a weekend.

Indulge His Hobbies

A great retirement gift for him may be to get him some supplies that will allow him to indulge in his favorite hobbies! If he is an avid camper, then how about some new camping gear and a travel book outlining the best campsites in the nation! Or if he loves to tinker around with classic cars, then how about some tickets to a classic car show coming up? Is he a huge Dodgers fan? Then how about season tickets? There are so many fun ways to get him excited about his new found freedom, so indulge him!

Get Him Involved!

If your guy is struggling with the idea of retirement and the swift change in daily routine, then consider getting him involved in the community in one way or another. Are there local classes that he can take to develop some structure in his retirement schedule? Would he love to learn a new language or take up gourmet cooking? There are so many fun things that community classes and groups offer to get him involved.

Or you might get some brochures on volunteer opportunities that he might like to do. Would coaching a baseball team give him some challenging structure and something to focus on? Or would helping with organizing a charity drive be more fun for him? Your retirement gift can be helping him find ways take those skills that he has learned in the working world and translating them into ways that he can give back to his community. Volunteering is a great way for him to get out the house and into the neighborhood. And it can also be a great way for him to meet others outside of his current social circle.

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that are more practical, like a retirement planning book or fun gift basket.


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