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Mardy Eger is a brilliant personality, a well-known being who is kind and generous to all those who are in need.He showed it to the world on the Thanksgiving Day of 2014 by feeding delicious delicacies to more than 250 families living in the small peaceful community of Raleigh in North Carolina.It was the most joy filled day for those families. It was done due to labor of love of Mr Mardy Eger, his kind family and his always co-operative staff.

Mardy Eger, the one who experienced frightening moments at a very young age of 10years. He suffered a lot because of Domestic Violence. MD Eger lost his lovely mother on hands of his father when he was of 10 years where the reason was that she had been a victim of domestic violence. It has been horrific incident that has led MD without mother,grandparents and all of his family members

What a threatening year Mardy Eger had! He actually lost 16 people in his family, he was depressed and he was really into a trauma of sudden loss. A 3 years back, when he was 6 to 8 years has faced the phase where he has been watching his father torture his mother time and time again.

MD Eger had experience in childhood which made him for a difference. MD and his wife have been standing for world against domestic violence,child abuse and human trafficking.They stood strongly with each other during all those hard times. Mr & Mrs Eger both never lost hope and they stood up against the worst enemy of society which are domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. Motivating the world, Mardy Eger and His wife are also founders of a foundation which is built up to fight against the Domestic Violence from the society.

The families who were fed include battered mothers, battered children, homeless, and the families those who were simply having a misfortune.

MD is more than just a millionaire; he spreads love and wealth to many. A talented Business Tycoon, Mr Eger a highly networked MLM Leader, Mr Eger an inspired a knowledgeable and terrific motivational speaker, author and trainer Mardy Eger has shown his big heart again. Mardys love for the people and his kind heartedness are the evidence of many of the things that hes doing.MD Eger, is entrepreneur,mentor and spends his time spreading the message of hope globally.

When asked why is he does this all what is the reason he does he replied the following, “I am a servant to all that have or are going through something. I am also here to not only assist through those times but to also give hope and let people know that yes they can make it, yes there’s someone that loves them and yes their lives can turn around, it happened or me and I will help them realize their dreams no matter where they are, and I’m human and no different than they are and yes they can and will make it. That’s my call”

Eger is currently working on the preparations of the release of his new book, first quarter 2015.

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