By Brenna A. Welker

Baby shower party is one of the most exciting and unique event there is not only because of the extraordinary games and activities but also because you are given the chance to take part in the preparation of the needs of the incoming baby. With the gifts and items you bring, you can help parents gather the need supplies and equipment needed in rearing and taking care of an angel.

However, not all of us believed and practiced baby shower parties because there are religion and groups of people who prohibit their member from holding the event before the baby is born. There are some cultures that hold baby showers only after the baby is born to give guests the chance to see the infant. However, for those who practiced the said tradition, the event is usually held two to three months before the baby is born.

Because of the importance of the event to the couple and guests, party organizer should make sure that to plan and to prepare things and details in advance to ensure that the event is held accordance to the culture and tradition of the couple. More so, event organizer should also ensure that the games chosen are practical, easy to do and only needs simple materials. Organizers should also ensure that these games are not only fun and exciting, but old and young guests can participate and can take part. Be sure that it is filled with memorable and exciting events for all who attended the party.

Even though we already have traditional baby shower games, you can alter and you can inject ideas in a way to make it unique and fun. By doing so, the event would be worth remembering and would become the talk of the town. Before deciding on what games to choose, be sure to conduct research and surf the Internet to gather more ideas about it.

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Here are unique baby shower games worth considering for your baby shower party:

1. Baby went to town – This game is just a twist of the famous game Mary went to town. You just need adult diapers, bibs, feeding bottles and chairs. You need three to four groups of male guests to participate in the game. Each of them take turns in dressing up and acting like a baby. Each must wear the diaper, bib and take make one turn in the chair before he transfers the supplies to another contestant. One who finished the relay first win the game.

2. Guess EDD game – This is a simple guessing game wherein contestants only have to guess the actual expected date of delivery (EDD) of the expectant mother. The contestant who guesses the nearest date wins the contest.

3. Pictionary game – It is just a twist of the traditional pictionary game. You only need white board, white board pen and two groups of contestants comprising of 5 to 10 members. All they have to do is to guess the correct baby item that the picturist describes. The group with more guesses win the contest.

These games would surely make your party exciting and fun.You too can make some alterations on the traditional games to make it more interesting.

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