The Breakdown And Assesment Of Ufc 124}

Submitted by: Jeremy Weedman

UFC 124 featured one of the biggest draws on it’s roster, and no I am not talking about Josh Koscheck’s hair. I am speaking about a Canadian fighter whose name is Georges St. Pierre. GSP has made effortless work of clearing out the entire welterweight division. UFC 124 saw the rematch of GSP vs Josh Koscheck for the welterweight title. Koscheck used every available instant of camera time while on TUF 12 to jabber about his “guaranteed victory” over Georges. Georges kept noiseless on the show and decided to use Saturday night to give Koscheck a clinic in “talk is cheap”.

GSP, a longtime wrestler, had been doing work with famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach in preparation for his bout with Josh Koscheck. I would say that this was cash well spent considering that St Pierre used his rapid jab to essentially close the right eye of Koscheck. Now, since this fight didn’t display much jiu jitsu, we will go on, but I do want to use this fight as a wonderful example of how unused the jab is in mixed martial arts. To many fighters in MMA use the windmill plan when it comes to the stand up game. Maybe someday, after seeing this example, more fighters will recognize it’s worth and spend some effort in the gym working the jab with their trainers. It probably doesn’t harm to have Freddie Roach there to give you some pointers either.

UFC 124 also had some appealing submissions on the card. I am someone who values a good BJJ fighter. This is why we showcased BJJ black belt, Dustin Hazelett on our site prior to the event. Well, you can’t get everything accurate. Hazelett faced Mark Bocek on the prelims of UFC 124 but his fight was aired live for free on the UFC’s web site. Hazelett made his come back to 155 pounds, only to be given a very unfriendly surprise from Bocek. Bocek was able to lock in a very smooth topside triangle and rolled to his back. Bocek was able to finally push the arm of Hazelett across the body to cause the tap but not before giving Hazelett some elbows to the dome to remember their time together by.

The only other submission triumph on the card goes to Jim Miller who handed Charles Oliveira his first loss of his MMA career courtesy of a kneebar. The fight started out with Oliveira appearing to be the aggressor in the jiu jitsu game. Oliveira attempted a guillotine as Miller shot in for the takedown and was hunting for what might have been a triangle before sliding down to the leg of Miller as Miller stood up. Miller had some jiu jitsu options of his own though. Miller snatched the leg and rolled into a kneebar of his own. Now, I am not sure what Oliviera’s kneebar escape strategy was, but continuing to strike Miller in the ribs with no care for your own leg was probably not the plan to use at this point. Oliviera, instead, chose to keep the side hammer-fists going and was required to give up at the 1:59 mark of round 1.

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Just Add Exercise Make 2011 The Year Of The Gym

Submitted by: Glenn Tucker

What do you see in your future this brave new year? Perhaps you re the superstitious type, and consulted your horoscope or your friendly neighbourhood seer for a glimpse into the murky mists ahead. Or maybe you don t believe in all that and you ve decided to just wait and see. Either way, chances are you d like 2011 to herald a healthier and fitter you.

More people join gyms in January than at any other time of the year, and they ve got the right idea. Unfortunately not everyone manages to stay the course, but those who do, manage to turn a well-intentioned resolution into a healthy lifestyle. So here s a look at why you should decide to make this year the Year of the Gym.

Class action

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Zumba. Bodyattack. Jazzercise. These aren t last year s best-selling console games, but a few examples of some of the weird and wonderful fitness classes on offer. If you re the artistic type, you could take a dance class and shed the pounds to the tune of infectious music. Or perhaps you d rather tap into your inner zen after a busy day at the office, with a spot of yoga or pilates to stretch you to the core. And if you really mean business, intense classes like spinning, boxercise and circuits will satisfy even the most hardened of fitness junkies. Whatever you choose, make sure you go in at a level that you re comfortable with, and you might find yourself shooting to the top of the class in no time.

This time, it s Personal

Just mention the phrase personal trainer and some people start to get nervous. Images of an obscenely bulky leotard-clad monster barking relentless orders might well spring to mind. Of course, you could probably find someone like that if you wanted to, but most people go for the more personable personal trainers, which are by far more common than the barkers. Working with a fitness expert to create a plan that fulfils your personal needs, with added encouragement and support along the way, is often a potent recipe for fitness success.

Perk up

You d be hard pressed to find a gym that didn t contain at least a few treadmills, a row of free weights, and the obligatory cross-trainer. But when it comes to choosing where to get membership, make your money go further by opting for a health centre that offers more than just the basics. A world-class swimming pool might be the deciding factor, or maybe you d like a centre with excellent facilities for racket sports. Some gyms even offer a range of health and beauty treatments, ranging from massage to tanning. Whatever you decide to go for, choosing a centre with a great range of perks for members might just mean the difference between a short burst of energy and a long-term motivation to reach your health and fitness goals.

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