A Prelit Christmas Tree Instantly Brings Festive Cheer To Your Home!

By Caroline Smith

Prelit artificial Christmas trees have a number of advantages over real trees. If you’re looking for a hassle-free tree that can be put up and illuminated in minutes, and isn’t going to shed messy needles all over your carpet, then a prelit tree is the perfect solution. An artificial tree not only looks great, it will continue to look its best throughout the holiday season and can be reused every Christmas period, making it an economical choice.

Prelit Christmas trees have the convenience of being pre-strung with twinkling clear or multicolored bulbs. You simply put the tree up and switch on the lights. Just imagine – no more stress of having to remember where you put last year’s lights and then having to untangle all the strings! With a prelit tree you can bring your home alive with the magic of Christmas in a matter of minutes. In addition to being quick and easy to set up, artificial Christmas trees have a compact design for easy storage. So there’s no need to worry about transporting a tree home in the trunk of your car or getting the branches of a real tree stuck in your doorway!

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Prelit trees come in a wide range of sizes and colors, from realistic looking fir or pine tree shapes in forest green, to those accented with artificial snow, or those with silver branches. As well as adding an atmosphere of festive cheer in an instant, an artificial tree is better in terms of fire safety than a real tree, and many artificial Christmas trees are allergy-resistant. Another big bonus of having a prelit Christmas tree is that once it’s up and in place it doesn’t need any attention, unlike a real tree that has to be watered and cared for.

If you want more quality time to enjoy with your family and friends this holiday season, then buying a prelit Christmas tree is a great way to instantly bring the festive mood to your dcor, leaving you free to make the most of the Christmas spirit!

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Buying Home Furnishings Online For An Elegant Home

Submitted by: Clara Grant

It is possible to buy home furnishings online to create an elegant home without paying more than you have to. Whether you are looking for room dividers, fireplace screens, faux windows or even wonderfully decorative wine racks, there is a wide range of items online that can use to give your home a special look that is uniquely you.

While it is true that the general design of your house and the way it is decorated provides a fabulous canvas for your artistic talents, it is the home furnishings that demonstrate these talents and that differentiate your home from those of your neighbors. Yes, there is a variety of wall coverings and paints you can use, but these simply create the shell: it’s the contents of a house that make it a home and not just somewhere to live.

It is a good idea to purchase home furnishings online, because you can compare the items on your screen with the design and d cor of your rooms. That is not so easy to do if you purchased them from a mall store – you would be relying on memory, and it s far better to check out your ideas online where the faux windows or room dividers are there in front of you while you are in your own home. They also tend to cost less online because of the low overhead, maintenance and employee costs.

Here are a few home furnishing ideas for you to consider, each available from online stores:

Faux Windows

Faux windows are realistic pictures of windows, most of them open, which will brighten up any wall and make your room seem larger and more spacious. They are ideal for rooms with no windows, such as some bathrooms, and scenes include sea views, birds, a tropical view, an English countryside and many more – even a closed shutter!

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The sizes are realistic, with typical vertical windows at 22 x 33 inches and horizontal faux windows at 36 x 27 inches. This type of home accent is very popular and some even add home furnishings such as curtains round them to make them seem even more authentic.

Room Dividers

If you have a large room, a room divider will separate it into two areas. There is a wide range of room dividers available online, ranging from six-paneled Chinese-style screen dividers, 8 ft wide by 6 ft high, to 6 ft diameter circular dividers. You also purchase four-panel dividers, and each is available in range of Oriental styles and motifs.

Room dividers are a form of home furnishing that are extensively used in larger houses with large rooms, but they can also be used in smaller rooms, particularly if you have room with an oriental theme. In that case, shorter 6 ft painted screens are available and even 5 ft 4 inch four-panel screens.

These tend to be wooden screens, but you also find a range of canvas screens online, also at 8 feet long, and available with oriental and modern painted designs. It’s up to you which you use, but there is a good range available and you are sure to find something that fits in with your room style and d cor.

Fireplace Screens

Another type of home furnishing is a fireplace screen. You also have wide choice of this type of screen, and they are available in a range in size up to almost 6 feet wide. You don’t want less than 30 inches, and they are available in decorated fiberboard or metal, with or without a mesh screen.

There are some beautiful designs available, both in traditional wrought iron styles and again, with an oriental them that would fit in with any similarly themed room. Every screen is both decorative and functional, and can be used with real coal or log fires.

Decorative Wine Racks

Another form of home furnishings that many appear to use for decorative as well as practical purposes are wine racks. If you are buying your home furnishings online, you will find a massive range of decorative wine racks that will fit the theme or d cor of most rooms. There is, of course, the ubiquitous globe wine rack, where you open the globe to find the goodies, or a standard decorative wrought iron tripod wine cooler.

However, you can add to that a circular wine rack in metal or wood, or even a rack in the form of a guitar! These are excellent home furnishing ideas, and they will hold your wine bottles while looking pretty cool even when empty.

It is hard to go wrong when you buy your home furnishings online, because not only do you have a fabulous range from which you can make your selection, but you can also compare the item with your current d cor right there in the room, rather than rely on memory.

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A Spring Fling Family Room Makeover

Submitted by: Alyssa Davis

Spring is in the air! The happy sound of chirping birds, the fresh scents and blooming colorful spring bulbs are chasing winter doldrums away. Spring is traditionally the time of year to get busy with spring cleaning, but in addition to freshening up by cleaning windows and scrubbing floors, why not also freshen up your decor with a touch of spring? It s not necessary to completely change your decor or spend money on new furniture: There are plenty of inexpensive ways to breathe the fresh beauty of spring into your home. The family room is the logical place to do this, since this is the place where families spend the majority of their time.

Freshen up Furniture with Slipcovers

If your furniture is dark or is upholstered with heavier winter fabrics, give it a spring time makeover with lighter weight, lighter hued slipcovers. Slipcovers in white, off white or lighter shades of brown, like tan or khaki, can set the stage for family room decor that can work from spring through summer. For spring, such shades will provide the perfect backdrop for throw pillows, accessories and accents in light pastel shades; come summer, it s easy to change accents to cool greens and blue or hotter shades like coral and sunny yellow.

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A Spring Inspired Area Rug

A dark, heavily patterned area rug can keep your family room trapped in mid-winter. Lighten things up with an area rug in lighter colors that will see you through the warm weather months. A floral patterned rug on a light background is an appropriate seasonal choice; or try a neutral sisal or jute rug that brings texture to the room is a great choice that will work with any decor and color pattern.

What to do with the Windows?

Family room windows don t need formal looking treatments. A simple textured shade that can be pulled up behind fabric window toppers is a versatile and inexpensive option; choose a neutral color that will work with any color palette. Pull the shade down for light control or privacy, or roll it up behind the window topper when you want to enjoy the outdoor view. Window toppers are easy to make and are so inexpensive that you can make different toppers for every season. For spring, a fresh plaid or cheerful check in spring time colors can define the color palette for your entire family room.

Accessories the Put the Spring in your Step

Finish the room with accessories that say spring . The one must-have, no-fail accessory is fresh spring blooms like daffodils or tulips. Pick some up at a farmer s market or supermarket and display them in a clear or pastel glass vase. Swap out winter theme wall art for prints and artwork that feature the colors and themes of spring. Fun vintage planters that feature bunnies and chicks can take up residence on the mantel or shelves and take a minute to swap old heavy scented candles for pastel candles in fresh floral scents.

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