By Tony Hilton

Environmental activists are always trying to change the way we think about the energy we use. I think is fairly safe to say that they are yet to completely succeed in doing this. Now though people are starting to find another good reason for saving energy and thats that they can save money to, a true win/win situation. With energy prices increasing year on year more and more people are starting to consider the option that is solar Power.

Is the past solar power has been unattainable for most of the population with high install cost giving solar power limited appeal. That is now starting to change and here are some ideas that can help you take advantage of solar power.

Getting Your System Installed

In recent times getting solar power has required a fairly hefty up front investment in solar panels. This is now no longer the case, this is because many solar power companies will now lease you the equipment you need and install it for you. This means that as long as your lease is less than the amount you save on power you are saving money all the time as well as helping the planet. There is also now another cash saving option to upgrade you home to solar power and that is to get a grant. Depending on where you live it is now often possible to get a grant for part or all of the cost of purchasing and installing a solar power system.

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So How Does Solar Power Actually Work?

Well there are several types of solar energy but the two types which will concern most home owners are. Generating electricity through photovoltaic panels (panels which convert sun light to electricity) and using the sun light for heating.

So How Does Each Type Work

Well the first type (Generating electricity through photovoltaic panels) converts sunlight directly into electricity so you can use the suns energy to power things like domestic appliances. Most people opt to use this as part of a hybrid system that still allows them to draw power from the electric grid when needed. The second type (using the sun light for heating) usually makes use of green house style glass to amplify heat from the sun. This is often used to heat water that is then pumped to radiators around your house.

So Why Make The Switch To Solar Power?

Prior to reading this article I guess you thought that powering your home with solar power was the stuff of fantasies. Now I hope you realize that it really is worth looking into and can save you a lot of money. Why not have a look at your electric bill and compare it to the prices of leasing solar equipment? the chances are you can save your self a lot of cash. Also having a home powered by solar power will be a huge selling point if you ever want to sell your property and finally and probably most importantly you will be helping to save the world!

About the Author: This article was written by Dick Jonson, Dick is on a mission to teach the world more about

environmentally friendly energy

such as solar power and hydro electricity.


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