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It is important to understand that the scientific evidence to support many of the treatments used for neck pain is limited. And due to the complex nature of the human body, what works for one person may not work for another. And remember doctor will of course be biased towards medication and drugs as a form of treatment because that is what they are trained in. They are usually not aware of other forms of treatment or therapy.

Most people turn to their doctors to find relief and to obtain varying remedies for pain, but did you know there are dangers related to common treatments that your doctor likely isn’t telling you? That’s right. Your quest to eliminate your bad back and neck pain could be causing you more harm than good.

You can also make your own warm compress at home. Simply dampen a small towel and place it inside a zipper-style plastic bag. Before sealing the bag, heat up the compress in the microwave. Zip the bag and your compress is ready to use.

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A chiropractor can use soft tissue manipulation and specifically targeted spinal adjustments to put the spine back into alignment and relieve many types of neck pain. Your chiropractor may discover that the problem is in your lower or middle back and not centered near the neck at all, even though that is where you are experiencing pain.

Other times back and neck pain can be the result of more serious medical conditions like degenerative arthritis. If the pain is persistent and it won’t go away in a few days, it’s a sign that you should make an appointment with a doctor. Back neck pain can also be the result of inadequate working position and this means that it will go away after the muscles will relax.

Tiny discs occur between vertebrae and through the little opening at the sides of the discs pass the nerves of the neck. In other words neck region is a complex collection of neck muscles, arteries, veins, lymph glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, wind pipe, food pipe or esophagus and larynx.

One herbal alternative that uses white willow is Eazol. It utilizes white willow bark along with other natural ingredients. Mitamins Advanced Formula (MAF) is also another herbal product with white willow, as well as some vitamins and minerals.

The neck is laden with vulnerable soft tissue. This tissue is easily injured when the head is jarred suddenly, such as in a car crash (whiplash). It can also occur when playing sports, falling down stairs or other kinds of accidents.

Many chronic neck pain conditions can be successfully treated with interferential therapy and in some cases TENS therapy may be beneficial. The essence of interferential or TENS is to stop the transmittal of the pain impulse, lessen the need for drugs, and also increase range of motion with elimination or decreased pain as the patient moves their neck.

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