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Shiatsu massage is an ancient Japanese technique of healing by reopening blocked energy channels in the body. These blocked channels are the cause of diseases and other discomfort that should not be felt by the body. Shiatsu healers believe that a healthy body is one where energy flows freely. By restoring this energy flow, the disease is eliminated. Shiatsu massage works by using the palms and fingers applying firm pressure to certain points in the body where the channels are located.

Shiatsu massage is now available among the choices in newer models of massage chairs. This way you won’t have to go through the inconvenience of calling for a masseuse and set an appointment and instead have a shiatsu massage at your convenience whenever you need it. . You can adjust the settings to suit your preference with regards to the duration and intensity of the massage.

Aside from the convenience, shiatsu massage chairs offers practically the same benefits that you get when you go for an actual massage. Here are a few advantages that you get when you treat yourself to a shiatsu massage.

At the physical level, the shiatsu massage chair relieves stress by taking out the stiffness and tension to tired muscles. This reduces muscle cramps and spasms. Because the muscles are relaxed there is no nerve entrapment and increased joint flexibility and range of motion. Body movements especially of limbs are easier and more efficient. Relaxed back muscles makes breathing easier and better posture and balance.

Aside from its effect its holistic approach makes sure that all organs are functioning properly which leads to prevention of diseases. There is better lymph and blood circulation as well as reduced blood pressure. Another effect is to hasten healing from pulled muscle and sprained ligaments. It lessens formation of scar tissue, pain and swelling after an injury.

Mentally, the shiatsu massage chair relieves mental stress. This gives you a heightened state of alertness as well as enhance the ability to monitor stress signal and respond appropriately. Your ability to concentrate is also increased making you perform your tasks better. It increases your awareness of mind-body connection giving you a sense of centeredness and balance.

The shiatsu massage chair also plays a role in improving your emotional state by giving you a sense of well being, increasing your confidence and improving your relationship to yourself and others. This reduces anxiety levels and nervous tension and increases your self worth and improves self image.

Before treating yourself to a shiatsu massage, keep in mind that shiatsu massage is an alternative therapy and there are certain medical conditions where it is contraindicated. Ask your physician for advise regarding this. When you get the all clear, you can go and shop for that special chair. It is best that you look around first at websites and retail stores before making a purchase. Taking all these into consideration, you will find that the money you spent on your shiatsu massage chair is well worth it.

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