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Andy Starr

In order to attract new customers and retain old ones it is important for businesses to upgrade their communication systems. Several providers such as Mitel Phone Systems offer a variety of IP based telephony systems without any costly expenses involved in the migration process. The current economy makes it hard for small and medium enterprises to control communication costs without an efficient phone system. The Mitel 5000 allows businesses to migrate or upgrade easily to an IP environment.

Among the major reasons to migrate to a Mitel 5000 is its simplicity. The system is built on scalable software while the hardware is capable of providing support for 250 users and multiple sites. The 5000 is easy to use with a configuration system that is accessible by the end user to set up preferences such as call forwarding, call transfer, and more. It also includes a host of business applications such as unified voice messaging, meet-me conferencing and more. The Mitel 5000 is capable of delivering unified voice messaging with email synchronisation and record, store, retrieve, and forwarding of voice mails. In addition, it eliminates the need for a dedicated phone for each employee who can share phones with their own identity. Employees that spend a major part of their time on the move benefit greatly from this feature.

Mitel 5000 supports a variety of software applications. Small businesses that require a flexible telephone system and to integrate their voice and data over the same network will find Mitel 5000 the ideal solution. It can be linked to thousands of extensions and up to 63 sites, enabling growth without any added costs. Users have a choice if IP handsets that can be used by remote offices, home workers, and across a local area network as well. In addition, employees can working from their computer screens and handle incoming calls effectively from a customer database as well. The Mitel 5000 can be configured for contact centre functionality if required.

When it comes to improving customer and staff service with enhanced features, Mitel 5000 offers a flexible system with enhanced IP telephony for businesses to achieve their goal. The system ensures that important calls are not missed. It allows employees to

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work effectively from any location and have access to the same features while on the move as they do in the office. Undeniably, the


5000 is a feature-rich and cost effective solution for any business.

There are also other excellent feature rich communication equipments from Sonicwall firwalls to Cisco Telephones,

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that merits consideration.

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