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Deciding on what costume to use or wear for any occasion is always fun. Halloween, costume parties, holiday themes and weddings are all places that more and more people are enjoying coming up with their own costume ideas. Most people feel that their challenge is to come up with the most unique costume at their event so that they stand out over all the rest. Sometimes there is even a challenge where a prize is awarded for the best costumes. Yet another challenge more and more people are facing every day is to come up with something both unique and affordable. Costumes can be expensive. You or your kids can have the most original costumes when you use face painting!

The pressure of having to have the best or most original costume is always present. It doesn t matter if you are a child in school or an adult; everyone wants to have the most outstanding costume. Do what most others aren t likely to do and use face paints instead of a mask or to perfect your look for your costume.

It’s essential you learn how to face paint properly. First, make sure when you buy face paints, always check to see that they are safe for the skin and non-toxic. Test a small area of the skin before using the paint to check for sensitivities and to prevent tears from bad reactions. Read all of the instructions that come with the face paints for the best results.

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It isn t realistic to expect to be a professional face painter the first time you give it a try, so it is a good idea to practice as much as possible before the actual day when you need to be wearing your costume. If you plan on applying the face paint on a child s face, it can be much less stressful for both parties if the time it takes to apply the face paint is a short as possible. Practice can help! Using templates or even stencils can help to perfect technique.

If you are going to use face paint on more than just the face, you will want to make sure you have the right tools to do the job. You most likely have a paint brush for small areas and fine details, but you will want to have a sponge if you are going to use face paint on larger areas. Sponges are great for blending and keeping the paint looking smooth. You can often find body paint at the same locations as face paint and it might be a more economical way to go if you are going to paint your body.

Once you re ready to tackle the real thing , you are going to need the right tools close by. Some of the items other face painters have found to be helpful include clean water in bowls, brushes, sponges, towels or washcloths and face paints. Paper towel is a favorite among professional face painters as they are always dry and handy. Make sure that your brushes are always clean and never have another color on them before using new colors. This will ensure the kind of look you want from your face paints.

When you are ready to apply the face paint, paint all the way up to the hair line and under the chin. If you need a more complete look, paint all the way down the neck past the collar bone. Apply face paint in very thin layers. It dries quickly and is less likely to crack when the face paint is thin on the skin.

Once you become comfortable and learn how to face paint, you will most likely use them instead of masks and other costumes. They are original, fun and unique every time. Face paints are also easy on the wallet and they allow for maximum visibility as opposed to wearing a mask. Face paints have so many benefits; it seems like a shame not to use them!

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