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Working in a night club can have its positives and negatives like all jobs.

Working in a night club involves very late nights and anti sociable hours. During holiday periods, big events in the city or any type of busy periods, you will be expected to work.

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Pay is minimum wage until you are promoted to supervisor level or management.

People working in a night club can be bar staff, cleaners, managers, djs, security, door staff, etc.

Bar staff are the most common jobs and can be gotten easily.

Night club workers have to work very anti social hours. With clubs often not opening until ten at night and not closing until sometimes six in the morning.

Bar staff in night clubs are responsible for serving beverages, mostly alcoholic, to customers. Bar tenders have the obligation to ask for photo identification from those looking under the age of eighteen, and also not to serve those that are over intoxicated.

Bar staff usually undergo a small amount of training when first hired. This training will involve showing the bar staff where the drink is kept, how it should be displayed and served, bar set up and close down and any common occurrences that will happen on that particular bar or in that particular night club. Most people who get a job within a night club will have had experience else where in a bar so will be more than familiar and qualified with the usual traits and goings on of a bar.

Bar tenders need to be patient and pleasant at all times. They often have to deal with drunken individuals who may be aggressive, loud or nagging. The bar staff will need to be calm and know how to deal with these types of customers, calling management or security if the situation gets out of their control so the customer can be ejected from the night club to avoid further confrontation.

Overall, night club jobs are plentiful available, so if you are looking for immediate work that will bring in a decent amount of frequent money, then why not give it a try. bristol jobs

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Working in a night club