Choosing A Realtor Tips}

Choosing A Realtor Tips


J Harris

For those looking for a good realtor in the San Diego area, they should know that it is a competitive market. is a website that offers information about homes, neighborhoods, an realtors in the area. They claim to give the best and most current directory of properties in the San Diego area.

Some of the information that can be found on the website includes a wide listing of properties both nationwide and in the area. It comes with photos, descriptions, maps, and information about the community.

There is also a link to the National Association of Realtors. They are the headquarters for the San Diego Association of Realtors and have a strict code of ethics.

The site also gives information that one needs to find properties in the area from everything from real estate information to how to sell a home and finding a mortgage lender.

There is a saying that 20 percent of the agents do 80 percent of the business and that is true. When looking for a realtor, it’s important to find the one that’s right for you.

An important thing to know is that although all realtors are licensed to sell real estate as an agent, they are not all realtors. Only those who have pledged themselves to the Realtor Code of Ethics and are in good standing with a Realtor Association as members can claim that. Associations can tell you if the Realtor is in good standing or not.

Never forget the power of friendship. Talk to your friends and family, colleagues who have sold or are selling property and see who they like to use for it.

Many websites out there can refer people to agents, however, the quality assurance may not be there. Their agents are ones who have paid the web site owners a fee to be placed in their directories. It’s always a good idea to check out google and view the real estate agents in the area and then go to their web sites and check them out there.

A great idea is to go to an open house where you can talk with agents in a more casual atmosphere. Make sure to get business cards and notice how they do their business, particularly if you’re planning on selling a home. Are they knowledgeable and professional and do they hand out material about the property?

Watch for the listing signs in the neighborhood. Watch for the day they go up and the day it’s sold.

Realtors run ads in newspapers for two reasons. One is to sell specific properties and the other is to promote a particular agent. A good place to look for this is the Sunday paper for ads in a targeted neighborhood.

Agents are often more than willing to refer buyers and sellers to their own associates. Some of them specialize in residential sales, while others work with new home builders. Still others only work with commercial property.

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The Best Drill Press For Your Workshop

By David H. Urmann

A drill press is used mainly for drilling spaced holes or tunnels with exact depths. This is a versatile tool that every technician should have.

A drill press can drill holes onto an exact depth. This tool works with pulleys and belts. A motor drives the pulley and belts to spin the quill and chuck. The chuck holds the bit. When the lever is pulled down, the bit will drop onto the wood.

A drill press has two main types: the bench top and the floor model. It comes with motors of to 1 horsepower with a 5 to 12 speed setting. Mortise-machine-like function is achieved when a spindle sander and pocket hole machine are attached.

Four of the best drill presses that became the best sellers of all time include the: 1. Delta 14-651 Professional Bench Top Mortising Machine ($229-$249)

2. Craftsman Professional 17 in. Drill Press ($479)

3. Jet JBM-5 / 708580 Benchtop Mortiser ($249) and

4. the Cummins Industrial Tools 5 Speed – Bench Top Drill Press ($39.99-$59.99).

Delta 14-651 Professional Bench Mortising Machine

Delta 14-651 1/2-HP Bench Mortising Machine became one of the most honored brands in woodworking tools that offers more precision at horsepower motor. It has a cast iron base (16-3/4-by-13-1/2-inch) and a gas-filled head stabilizer.

Other features include:

Multi-position hand lever

A rack-and-pinion system that raises and lowers the head.

Head column that swings 180 degrees

Single phase induction motor

Easy open access to drill chuck

Adjustable dovetail

Magnetic starter

YouTube Preview Image

Easy bit and chisel changing

3/8 inches capacity chuck and key

Weight: 77 pounds

Diameter: 3-3/4 in. (95 mm)

2-year warranty

The set includes 1/4, 3/8, 5/16 and 1/2-inch chisels and bit sets; along with a tool and chisel tray, a gas-filled head stabilizer and multi position feed lever.

Craftsman Professional 22901 Drill Press

The Craftsman Professional 22901 is a 17-inch drill press that includes a single-arm quill handle. This enables easy presetting and repetitive drilling operation. It has a state-of-the-art column mounted on laser attachment that delivers pinpoint accuracy.

Other features include:

Drill bit replacement.

Battery powered

4-7/8 inches of quill stroke capacity power

16 spindle

3/4 hp 115/230-volt motor

large cast iron table for expandable work support

column-mounted laser

adjustable work lamp

Push button industrial style switch

Tool tray and extension table

Jet 708580 JBM-5 1/2 Horsepower Bench Mortiser

The Jet 708580 is an affordable benchtop mortiser which was designed to take up to in. chisel bits. It runs with a horsepower induction motor. This tool weighs 44 pounds, is easily maneuvered and reverses on its base, allowing a long stock mortising. Bits are easily changeable by flipping the steel to open the door on each side. The Jet 708580 allows a carpenter to create good looking tennon joints.

Product Details:

Made with cast-iron and steel

4 3/4-inch head stroke, 1/2-inch chisel capacity

Quick-setting depth stop

Four predrilled mounting holes

Removable safety toggle switch

Long and multi-position splines

Includes a mortiser, three bits, chuck key

2-year limited warranty

Cummins Industrial Tools 5 Speed – Bench Top Drill Press

The Cummins 5 Speed is important to have in every workshop. It has 5 quick-change speed settings. The tool has a long quill for mortising. Its drilling depth is adjustable, stopping the quill positively. Cummins bench top drill presses have an adjustable table that tilts left and right, for an angled drilling operation.

Technical Details:

in. drill chuck

Press height: 22 inches

Quill travel 50 millimeter

Sturdy 11 in. x 7 in. base

1/2 Horsepower

Power: 60 Hz ,120 V, 2.4 amperes

Table size 6 3/8 in. x 6 3/8 in.

No load speed 760-3070 rpm

3 prong plug

UL listed

Other known brands of drill presses include the following:


Fisch Precision Tools




Grizzly, etc

Featured above the top-selling modern drilling tools. Consider the versatiliy of the tool you are looking to buy.

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