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I confess the reason for my greater struggle than most people when first learning how to improve my life with women and dating and hardly progressing was because I was missing the very foundation of social dynamics. None of the information ever dwelled on this basic, the core of everything…your innate social skills that set it off and build everything else.

I wasn’t just awful with girls but my undeveloped social skills made me horrendous at making friends and connections.

You see a lot of us didn’t grow up with the opportunity of learning how to socialize with others, and our lack of social skills transition over to making us terrible with women, so try learning pickup without this prerequisite groundwork is like learning how to run before walking.

It was not until I took a step back to realize this bigger picture was when everything began to fall into place at last.

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Everything you do in dating and picking up and meeting women all are categorized within your social skills. Pickup skills is just only a small portion within your social skills.

If you have exceptional social skills, picking up women will naturally be effortlessly easy.

I would even break it down even more and say that the way I view it, is that are various identified sets of your collected social skills. For example, there are ones for when you are hanging with your guy buddies, interacting with your boss, and meeting women.

There are guys who are inseparable with their buddies who are always chilling and gaming away over Halo and watching Sunday night football and daily, and basically, always connecting like like an entourage when they go out, but are unskilled with women.

Then there are the corporate overachievers that seem to have every possession in their lives, people respect them at work, they’re always scoring every clients professionally (no pun intended) making that deal, and constantly getting promotions and bonuses, and without doubts, have everything going for them in their professional lives, but they are very unfulfilled and unskilled when it comes to creating their personal connections away from the work.

And then there are guys who are masters at interacting up the ladies, but they are akward with their family, colleague, and co-workers, and don’t have real friends because being the one-dimensional pickup artist is the only sole reality they see themselves to do whatever is required to get the girl.

Being really good at one field oppose with each other. The reason is the social skill sets are completely different. It’s not a good thing to be successful in one aspect of your social life but fail at the other. Maintaining a delicated balance around you is extremely vital.

Don’t just be the shallow pickup artist and be oblivious other areas of your social lift. That will never live up to your full social potential.

Become aware on knowing the set of your social skills to apply with different kinds of people.

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