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Taylor White

The small island nation of Montserrat became a British colony in the late 1600s. Since that time, this unique spot in the Caribbean has been an irresistible lure to those who love lush, tropical beauty and the awe-inspiring wonder of a natural volcanic island. Unlike so many islands in this part of the world, the real estate in Montserrat is not located on a coral atoll, but an actual island formed by and containing an active volcano, not unlike its cousin, Hawaii in the Pacific basin. Here the soil is rich, resulting in such verdant green growth that it was nicknamed the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean Sea.

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For those in the market to buy land, the real estate in Montserrat can offer a vast array of different topography and geographic features. Of course, buying and living here are not without risks. The previously dormant Sourfriere Hills volcanos eruption in 1995 wiped out the nations capitol city. Then, a few years later, Hurricane Hugos evil eye passed over Montserrat wreaking havoc and destruction. While continuing volcanic activity has prevented the former capitol, Plymouth, from being rebuilt, the rest of the country seems intent on not only constantly picking up the pieces and rebuilding, but reinventing itself each time disaster strikes.

The British influence here assures that the government operates efficiently, laws are enforced and the island is clean. If you are looking for Montserrat rentals, so that you can visit prior to deciding if and what to buy, they abound. The prices for rentals, as well as for real estate in Montserrat can vary widely depending on the region as well as the type of property you are interested in. From small vacation cottages that hang almost precariously from the rising slopes of mountains to afford a good view of the sea, to seaside villages and beachfront condominiums, there is something here for just about everyone.

The Leeward Island, and Montserrat in particular, move along at an easy-going, almost lazy pace. The constant warmth and humidity that keep the vegetation growing lush in its rich volcanic soil are not conducive to racing around. So, if you are looking for international real estate offerings in a place where the pace is slower and less hectic, then you might find your dream home or that perfect vacation spot in Montserrat.

If you are looking for investment property, whether to build a condo, a resort or an industrial park, you just need to remember that most of your materials will have to be imported, and factor that in as you shop Montserrat real estate listings. After all, the island cannot possibly produce all of the raw materials needed to build extensively and, like so many of its Caribbean neighbors, relies heavily on materials shipped in from North and South America to supply its growing construction needs.

So, if you are looking for a tropical paradise in which to invest, spend some time investigating Montserrat real estate for sale. You might find a bargain, but you will want to make sure you insure it!

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