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The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, since the opening, participants NGO Alliance, “International Climate Action Network” (CAN) selected the three most every day, not to force the negotiating countries, and in all the talks, in the sidelines award ceremony, “Fossil Award.”

Two days before the meeting, Canada and Japan have won the “fossil award” stubborn behind the huge U.S. presence looming.

Canada: American mixed with fixed

Local time on November 29 in Mexico, Canada swept the “Daily Fossil Award” top three.

Canada won the first prize on the grounds that “too lazy to debate in the case of Canada this month, the Senate may direct Bidiao a climate change bill to promote the process.”

Canada finished second on the grounds that “the only Conservative government intends to fund the Canadian climate science, renewable energy also cancel the funding.”

Canada finished third on the grounds that “after the meeting in Copenhagen, a surprising reduction in the national emission reduction targets, and the ‘stubborn’ Baird (John Baird) and recall to when the Minister of the Environment.”

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Interestingly, in the “Daily Fossil Award” presented on the day, Canada, “Montreal Gazette” published a letter directly to Canadian diplomats leaked e-mail. This message shows that in 2008, Canada’s Jason Tolland embassy’s trade with the Government communications lawyers, wrote: “We will be able to find a way to let the oil coming out continuously.”

The background of this e-mail in 2008, when Canada tried to kill a U.S. clean energy policy in the cradle, and its allies is the Bush administration and big oil companies.

In Copenhagen, the Government of Canada actively aligned with the United States, not only to transfer back to the emission reduction targets in 2005, based on the 17% reduction by 2020 and so far, are not related to emission reduction through a implementation of the Act.

Moreover, the recent Government of Canada has reiterated the need to wait for the U.S. government’s decision to protect trade and to avoid border adjustment tax.

“The most stupid things, than with their own ‘gold master’ against, particularly in the oil industry for employment opportunities across Canada provide a lot of time.” Baird said.

The minister mentioned above, is the result of the Bali meeting, at the last minute is still opposed to the 1990 baseline emissions of 25% to 40% of the “stubborn” representative.

Japan: No “Kyoto Protocol” extension

The representative of Japan because of its “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” Ad Hoc Working Group Long-term Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA) on the statement and position, the time in Mexico won the November 30 date of the “fossil award.”

Has always been a “treasure to pay” a traditional Japanese, but then had to pay off their enormous efforts of the “Kyoto Protocol” tired.

So far, the Japanese negotiators have repeatedly on various occasions publicly stated: “No matter under what circumstances, the Japanese are definitely not in the” Kyoto Protocol “commitment to the second stage of any emission reduction targets.”

Japan against the “Protocol” continue on the grounds that: “Protocol” only covers 27% of total global emissions of the country, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases not in the “Protocol” emission reduction targets under the commitment.

It should be noted that, before the General Assembly in Cancun, nine industries in Japan joint press the Japanese government coalition, asking them to oppose the continuation of 2012 after “the Kyoto Protocol.”

An internationally renowned environmental organization Climate and Energy Project Manager Ellen Young of “First Financial Daily” said: “Japan to the U.S. poor as an excuse to reduce emissions, hoping to escape their emission reduction obligations, it is very irresponsible. In view of climate the seriousness of changes, each country should affirmative action, any act of the United States only as an excuse to enter the vicious cycle of climate negotiations, which is disastrous for the global climate. “

Japan’s international negotiating position is short-sighted by its domestic industry groups have “kidnapped” the. In Ellen Young, these Japanese companies did not see the trend of global emissions reductions to the Japanese advanced, highly efficient energy-saving technology business opportunities, this approach may lead to their gradual loss of Japan’s advantages in international competition.

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