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Scrubs uniforms are the medical professions uniform of choice there can be a lot of reasons for that but the fact is that over the past ten years there has been an explosion of the amount of scrubs that you are sweeping on the floors of hospitals, nursing homes, private offices and other medical professions such as dentists, eye doctors and labs that service all of the above. There are many reasons why these might have gotten so popular but a few of them are: functionality, variety of design, ease of care and comfort. Between all of these you will quickly understand why they have gained so much popularity.

Lets first talk about functionality. The reason why scrubs uniforms are so functional is the way that they are made. In many cases these are some of the most functional things that you can wear. The tops come with pockets, easy over head or tie around middle fit as well as short or long sleeved depending on the weather or the temperature of the office you are in (some technicians are always in a cooler office.) The bottoms have many pockets as well as a great comfortable waist that can either be tie or simply elastic whichever your preference.

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Next is variety of design. There is no limit to the availability of patterns, colors, designs and fashionability of scrubs uniforms. In fact, they have about as many variations as there are job types in the medical field. The multitudes of patterns make the employees stand out in their own way while still wearing a uniform. In some cases they will go for the cute, in some cases they will go for the abstract and in other cases they will go for the plain solid color. So whatever the personality there is probably a scrub that will fit the employee perfectly.

Scrubs are also easy to take care of. Because of the fabric they are made out of scrubs uniforms are easy to wash, quick to dry and easy to iron if you need to. Additionally if there are any ribs or tear they are relatively easy to sew up. They are easy to hem if they are too long and they can be rolled up if that is your preference. They are also fine to dry clean but there is usually no reason to do so. They are a very easy work outfit to take care of.

Of course none of the above would matter if they werent comfortable. If they were tight or tough to work in, it wouldnt matter if they had lots of pockets, great designs and were easy to care for, people still would not wear them. The fact that they are comfortable is the selling point for scrubs uniforms. This is the one thing that most people look for first. They want to make sure that during their day they feel as relaxed and at ease as they can. The scrub is perfect for this. Loose, comfortably light and easy to put on and take off they definitely pass the comfort test.

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Several police officers killed in suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Several police officers killed in suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Thursday, July 5, 2007

At least five to ten police officers in Afghanistan have been killed and at least 11 others were wounded after a suicide bombing in the southern part of the country in the town of Spin Boldak at a checkpoint.

Police officers were having lunch inside a room at the checkpoint when the bomber, who was also dressed in a police officer’s uniform, walked in and detonated his explosives. At least two rooms were destroyed, according to police.

“We were eating lunch around 1330, when a suicide attacker wearing police uniform entered the post and blew himself up,” said Bismillah Khan, commander of the local police in Spin Boldak who could only confirm that “five border police are killed and 11 are injured.”

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Cheapest Jewelry Online Grab Latest Jewelry For Women}

Cheapest jewelry online Grab latest jewelry for women


Rebecca Williams

With passage of time, online shopping is on the great demand as it is an easy way of buying something and to enjoy special discounts on various items. The women love fashionable clothes, accessories, jewelry and beauty products which complete their look. If you really love jewelry and want to buy discount jewelry then you need to find the best supplier of it. To buy jewelry may involve a number of things and if you are aware of latest industry standards then can get best deal on fashionable jewelry. When buying ornaments you must be familiar with various types, materials available in it. The one must be familiar with sense of latest fashion and trends to pick the best option for you new dresses.

Finding the best store for affordable jewelry

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When it comes to selection of affordable jewelry then you need to find one of the best supplier to ensure quality of products and to get the right pricing. If you are fond of ornaments then Discount Dollar Jewelry is the ultimate place to browse through the latest collection. With the right choice of supplier, you will be able to save on your shopping and also get the best deal of day. Before you begin search or select anything that is according to your style and need, it is important for you to find the best supplier so that you can keep your jewelry for a long time.

Things to keep in mind while selecting jewelry

There are number of things that you should keep in mind while selecting ornaments and some of the important may include:

You need to make sure the design you are going to buy is latest

Make sure the jewelry contains the quality material be it gold or silver

Check the price of different ornaments and compare with other providers to get the best deal

Always prefer to cheapest jewelry online to save your hard-earned money

Checkout the different designs in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, chains and other to pick the right option with your dresses.

If you want to buy cheap jewelry online or want to save on it then you need reference of leading discount jewelry store like Discount Dollar Jewelry. Affordable jewelry is available for women and it include: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, sets and much more. Everything is available at very low cost and is pertinent to meet your variant needs exactly.

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Pope Benedict visits Cuba urging openness, religious freedom

Pope Benedict visits Cuba urging openness, religious freedom

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Cuba on Monday beginning a three day trip in which the leader of the Catholic church met with Cuban leaders and publicly spoke on the need for religious freedom. Pope Benedict spoke before a large audience yesterday in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana. Benedict called for change in Cuba and the rest of the world.

Cuba and the world need change, but this will occur only if each one is in a position to seek the truth and chooses the way of love, sowing reconciliation and fraternity.

“Cuba and the world need change, but this will occur only if each one is in a position to seek the truth and chooses the way of love, sowing reconciliation and fraternity,” he said.

Benedict’s arrival in Cuba comes 14 years after the first papal visit by Pope John Paul II. The late pope addressed the nation in 1998 and said that Cuba should “open itself up to the world, and may the world open itself up to Cuba.” Benedict’s speech in Havana focused on the rise of religious freedom in Cuba since the 1990s – when the country dropped official atheism – as well as the need for more religious freedom in the country.

“It is with joy that in Cuba there have been steps so that the church can carry out its mission. … The right to freedom of religion, as an individual and a community, manifests the unity of a human being, citizen and believer at the same time,” he said.

While Benedict kept the speech mostly apolitical, during the trip he made comments that could be interpreted as criticism of the communist country.

“There are those who wrongly interpret this search for the truth, leading them to irrationality and fanaticism; they close themselves up in ‘their truth’ and try to impose it on others,” Benedict said.

Also during the trip, the pope prayed for greater freedom for Cubans at the statue of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre in Santiago. The pope also said Cuba’s political system “no longer corresponds to reality.”

In Cuba, there will not be political reform.

In response, Marino Murillo, vice president of the island’s council of ministers, said Cuba is sustainable and will not change. “In Cuba, there will not be political reform,” Murillo said.

According to groups on the island, 60 individuals were detained or put on house arrest during Pope Benedict’s televised Mass. Amnesty International also reported that Cuban human rights organizations, such as the Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation, were unable to communicate via phones or mobile-phones starting Monday.

… some have had their houses surrounded to prevent them (from) denouncing abuses during Pope Benedict’s tour.

“The clampdown has seen an increase in arrests, activists’ phones have been disconnected, and some have had their houses surrounded to prevent them (from) denouncing abuses during Pope Benedict’s tour,” Amnesty International said.

In addition to visiting various cities in Cuba and celebrating Mass in Havana, Benedict also met with former Cuban President Fidel Castro yesterday. According to a Vatican spokesman, Castro asked for a “modest and simple” meeting with the pontiff. The two spoke for 30 minutes in which the former president – who stepped down in 2006 due to illness – asked the pope about the evolution of the Catholic church over the years and what life is like as a pope.

Castro spoke of the pope in a positive light: “…a man whose contact with children and humble members of society has, invariably, raised feelings of affection.”

Pope Benedict left Cuba Wednesday evening.

David Cameron responds to rioting, promises changes on policing

David Cameron responds to rioting, promises changes on policing
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that a change in police strategy is appropriate following what many feel to be an inadequate response to the rioting that has overrun many cities across England. Riots started in Tottenham on Saturday night after the fatal shooting by police of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old taxi driver who the Independent Police Complaints Commission state was in possession of a handgun, but did not fire it.

During the Parliamentary debate on the riots, David Milliband, the Labour leader, called on Cameron to reconsider cuts to police budgets. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne described the communities where the rioting occurred as being “left behind” and “cut-off from the economic life-blood of the rest of the country”, and called for solutions to the “deep-seated social problems”

One avenue the Prime Minister is said to be considering is changing regulations on social media services like Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger, the latter being used to communicate between groups of rioters. The Open Rights Group and Big Brother Watch came out in opposition to any plans to restrict communication using social media, with Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group warning that such regulation would be abused by the police and private companies.

In Southampton, England, three people were arrested by police for the suspicion of using Twitter or BlackBerry Messenger to encourage the rioting. The government is “working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these Web sites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality,” said Cameron.

The Prime Minister also announced that he would consider using the army to support the police in controlling future rioting, and also that he would consult with William J. Bratton, CBE, who had been the chief of police in Los Angeles and a police commissioner in New York City and Boston. Bratton is quoted as saying that arrests are not the only way to solve societal problems which lead to rioting and unrest: “You can’t arrest your way out of the problem.”

Elan shares plunge as another patient dies

Elan shares plunge as another patient dies
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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Irish biotech firm Élan has seen its shares plunge this morning after it revealed that a fourth patient taking its new multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri had contracted a fatal brain disease.

Whilst US stock markets have not yet opened for business, Athlone based Élan has suffered a 22% drop on the Irish Stock Exchange and a 21.5% drop on the London Stock Exchange. That means that so far today the firms market value has dropped by over €400mm to €1.9bn. The firm was once valued at over €20bn before the failure of Tysabri and an accounting investigation.

Élan was once one of Ireland’s biggest business success stories. Élan still employs over 2,000 people in Ireland and reported revenues of $464.0 million in 2004.

Getting Started In The High End Real Estate Property Business

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By Adriana Noton

The dealings of high end real estate property can prove to be a big money earner for you if gone about correctly. There are countless people who have earned a substantial amount and even millions buying, selling, and renting homes. This industry can be very generous if the right decisions are made. You’ll have to understand some important aspects in order to make correct decisions.

There are two main ways to make money from this industry. One way is to buy and fix up homes and then resell them for a profit. Sometimes homes need a lot of work, however they’ll payoff if you’re up for the project and manage it correctly. Another great way is to buy homes and then rent them out to have a steady monthly residual income. You may be able to stop working if you have enough rentals.

Once you invest in properties you must make quick decisions. You must decide whether to sell or rent in a timely fashion. The home must be inspected and any repairs made and any upgrades installed. You can perform the repairs yourself if you have a background in construction, otherwise you’ll have to outsource. You have to make relatively quick decisions in any scenario because money is lost everyday the house is empty.

YouTube Preview Image

High intelligence and understanding trends is very important with buying and selling homes as it is with the stock market. Market trends have to be analyzed and understood in every aspect. Consistent success will not be possible without this understanding. However, understand that there’s still a risk even after the numbers are crunched.

You have to be patient and you have to understand certain elements when selling. You’ll lose money if you sell too early and then prices increase later. You’ll also lose money if you sell too late and prices decrease. Knowing the trends and studying the market will help you avoid these mistakes. It’s alright to employ an agent if more assistance is needed.

The most important aspect of evaluating properties is determining it’s earning power. Earning power is the amount of money it’ll make you in the future. There isn’t any point to purchasing a home that isn’t going to be of any real value later on. Speak with an agent and perform your own research to ensure a good investment.

Things to consider when searching are price, condition, and location. Those three things are most influential when determining a home’s value. You’ll become more aware of these things through constant studying and analysis. Education will place you in the best possible position for success. Also, it’s great to consult with an agent, but you’re responsible for your money in the end.

Thousands earn a substantial income with high end real estate property. Any serious person can have success in this industry with the right amount of patience and market understanding. Many earn from the selling and renting of properties. Education and the ability to make quick decisions are important parts to any success.

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Nauru raises media visa application fee from AU$200 to $8,000

Nauru raises media visa application fee from AU$200 to $8,000
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The cabinet of the island nation of Nauru endorsed rise of the cost of an application for single-entry three-month media visa from AU$200 to $8,000 last Thursday.

The rise followed a scandal last weekend involving 60 Lebanese asylum seekers voluntarily deciding to return home from the Nauru offshore processing facility, an Australian immigration detention facility, after facing harsh physical conditions and disorientation.

Nauru’s Government Information Office Director Joanna Olsson appeared to be unaware that the new visa fee had yet to take effect, writing an email to a visa applicant about the new fee last Tuesday: “Sorry for the late response but yes we are granting media visas. The fee is $8000 per visa, single entry valid for 3 months. The visa fee is not refundable if the application is not successful.” She also claimed the new fee had been implemented “a couple [of] months ago”, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

On the contrary, on Thursday during a meeting, Nauru’s Principal Immigration Officer Ernest Stephen said the price change was “not official” and the price rise had not yet passed into law through the Parliament. Stephen said only three or four Nauru media visas were granted last year.

A member of Nauru Opposition Group, Mathew Batsiua, claimed the move was an oppression of journalistic freedom. “They [the Nauru authorities] certainly bully our local media in terms of what they can show, who they can interview, and this is another illustration of that kind of behaviour in terms of bullying media and avoiding accountability. … This hiking up of fees for journalists coming in to Nauru is a step in that direction, and we think that it’s the wrong move and we’re certainly opposing it.”

The rise of the visa fee followed a recent scandal involving the majority of 60 Lebanese asylum seekers, targeted by people smugglers, deciding to return home from the Nauru and neighbouring Manus Island detention centres after a discussion with Australian government adviser Jamal Rifi on the weekend of January 4.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reviewed the detention centre in December 2012, reporting poor physical conditions:

The conditions at the closed and congested detention centre [are] harsh, with little natural shelter from the heat during the day. These conditions are aggravated by noise and dust from the construction of the permanent facility.

The UNHCR has also cited delays processing the refugee applications, lack of legal counseling, health issues including trauma and mental health cases, and responsibility of both Australia and Nauru for the treatment. In another review in November last year, UHCR reported improved physical conditions while criticizing progress on reception conditions and refugee applications processing.

Yesterday Australian officials told a Pakistani refugee living in Australia that a refugee application could take up to ten years to process, while he was applying for refuge for his brothers following death of his parents and wife in Pakistan.

Super Tuesday 2012: Mitt Romney wins six of ten GOP contests

Super Tuesday 2012: Mitt Romney wins six of ten GOP contests
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won six of the ten U.S. Republican Party (GOP) presidential primary contests as part of Super Tuesday. Of the remaining four, former Senator Rick Santorum won three while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won one. Representative Ron Paul of Texas did not win any contests, but finished second in three.

Romney scored victories in Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho, and Alaska. In a victory speech to supporters in his home state of Massachusetts, he remarked, “tonight, we’ve taken one more step towards restoring the promise of tomorrow.” He focused his attacks on President Barack Obama, stating “this president’s run out of ideas. He’s run out of excuses. And in 2012, we’re going to get him out of … the White House.” Romney now has 415 of the 1144 delegates necessary to secure the GOP nomination.

Ohio had the closest margin with Romney defeating the second place Rick Santorum by roughly 10,000 votes or 0.8 percent. While Romney won largely urban and affluent counties, Santorum, of nearby Pennsylvania, won a majority of the counties with rural and blue-collar voters.

Despite the loss, Santorum was able to pull out victories in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, and now has a total of 176 delegates. He told supporters in Steubenville, Ohio, “We need…someone who learned what America was about by growing up in communities just like this…”. Referencing his opponents, he argued “in this race, there is only one candidate who can go up on the most important issue of the day and make the case, because I’ve never been for an individual mandate at a state or federal level.”

Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia, which had the most delegates available, increasing his total to 105. He vowed to remain in the race and thanked his supporters, proclaiming, “we are not going to allow the elite to decide who we are allowed to nominate…the national elite — especially in the Republican Party — had decided that a Gingrich presidency was so frightening that they had to kill it early. But, you, you wouldn’t let them do it.” He compared the campaign to the The Tortoise and the Hare fable, “There are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. I am the tortoise. I just take one step at a time.”

Ron Paul finished second in North Dakota, Virginia, and Vermont, and was a close third in Idaho and Alaska. He now has 47 delegates. In his speech to supporters, he said, “if you look at the candidates today, there is very little difference, except for one. … the rest of the candidates support the status quo.”

1541 delegates remain up for grabs. The next contests will take place on Saturday in Kansas, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands.